Insurance Broker

Insurance Broker

Whether you are in need of any sort of business insurance, from individual dental to professional liability insurance, or you already are covered but would like to know if there's better or more affordable coverage available, then you need an experienced insurance broker that can fit your needs.

There isn't any other Bay Area insurance agent and/or insurance broker that specializes in the same specific areas that we take pride in knowing inside and out. This allows us to offer the coverages you need for your architectural, engineering or other professional business.

We offer comprehensive plans for any budget, like our family health insurance plan, individual health insurance, individual dental insurance, Errors and Omissions Insurance, worker's comp and more!

Whether it's Workers' Comp, E and O, engineers insurance or any other liability insurance, Florida Design Insurance can help determine whether you're in need of coverage and answer any of your questions about it. Contact Us today!

FDI is an authorized agent of the following available types of coverage: