Errors And Omissions Insurance

Errors And Omissions Insurance

Florida Design Insurance specializes in a number of business specialty insurance, including Professional Liability Insurance or, also referred to as, Errors and Omissions Insurance, E & O insurance, EO Insurance, E/O Insurance, E-O Insurance, E and O Insurance.

E & O insurance is necessary in that it protects advice-giving and service-providing companies (and individuals) from insurance claims made by clients for inadequate work, failures to perform as promised or negligent actions. E & O insurance helps bear the cost of such lawsuits and judgments from civil litigation.

For many people, the most common type of E & O insurance that they are familiar with is Malpractice Insurance (which is basically E&O for medical professionals). Though an engineer or architect wouldn't carry that specific form of E& O, many governing bodies require professionals to carry one or more forms of professional liability insurance (or Errors and Omissions Insurance) continually, without gaps, in order to operate.

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FDI is an authorized agent of the following available types of coverage: