Architect's Liability Insurance

Architects Liability Insurance

Florida Design Insurance offers a wide variety of liability insurance, some specifically for Architects.

Liability insurance is a needed insurance that you carry to provide protection from the risks (and the namesake liabilities) that can come from lawsuits and similar claims. Claims that fall within the guidelines of your liability insurance policy can be handled easier with the help of the insurance company, and the help of your insurance agent and broker.

Florida Design Insurance specializes in the specific Insurance needs of Architects (and Engineers). By concentrating on Architects and Engineers, we have partnered with specialty insurance carriers that offer specific products for the design professional. FDI is an authorized agent of the only insurance program designed by Engineers for Engineers...

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Florida Design Insurance can help determine a specific health insurance plan that fits you and your firms needs. We can go over what the various levels of coverage is available to you, as well as answer any of your questions about each of them. Contact Us today!

Professional Liability Insurance for Architects And don't forget, we also offer a variety of additional insurance options, particularly liability insurance for architects and engineers. We are both an insurance broker AND an insurance agent, so that we can offer professional liability insurance that fits the specific needs of architects and architectural firms, of all sizes.


FDI is an authorized agent of the following available types of coverage: