Liability Insurance For Architects

Liability Insurance For Architects

Liability insurance is essential to both established architects and architectural firms as well as those just starting out. Often those just starting out feel they either don't need insurance because their client's don't require it, or because the projects they are working on are low-risk.

Don't make this mistake! The legal costs of fighting a single claim can very easily exceed the cost of your premiums for many, many years. Yes, there are architects and architectural firms that will never have a claim, but for the majority of firms out there at some point, some need for liability insurance will arise, whether they're at fault or not. Even in the instance where a claim is unsubstantiated or false and should (and likely will be dismissed), the legal fees to get that dismissal are likely enough to warrant some level of liability insurance.

So if you're an architect and you currently are without insurance, or are simply looking to change your coverage, please consult with an experience agent soon, so you at least know your options and have all the facts.

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Professional Liability Insurance for Architects And don't forget, we also offer a variety of additional insurance options, particularly liability insurance for architects and engineers. We are both an insurance broker AND an insurance agent, so that we can offer professional liability insurance that fits the specific needs of architects and architectural firms, of all sizes.


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