E And O Insurance

E And O Insurance

Florida Design Insurance offers business owners a variety of coverages, none of which are of any more importance as Errors & Omissions Insurance. Generally referred to as E & O, or E and O Insurance, it is in many situations of equal importance as Liability Insurance or even Health and Dental Insurance. Obviously, this isn't a necessary coverage for all companies, and to determine whether your business is one that should carry it, you need to first work with an insurance agent and/or insurance broker that carries it, provides it and truly understands it's function.

Basically, E & O Insurance should be purchased by any service-providing, advice-giving company (or individual) that runs the risk of a failure to perform (as promised or contracted to do), of a client claiming inadequate work or the potential claim of negligent actions. The resulting lawsuit of one of these (and other) potential actions or inactions can very well be one of the mostly costly litigation and expensive judgments that you are ever faced with. That's where E & O insurance comes in. It can cover (or help cover) these expenses that might otherwise cripple your business.

If it's still unclear exactly what E & O is, you can think of it as a sort of Malpractice Insurance for an Engineer or an Architect. And like Malpractice insurance is for medical, many businesses and professionals are required to carry some form of comparable insurance; this protects both you, your business and your customers.

Florida Design Insurance can help determine whether you're in need of E & O coverage, which specific kind you may need or is available to you, as well as answer any of your questions about it. Contact Us today!

Professional Liability Insurance for Architects And don't forget, we also offer a variety of additional insurance options, particularly liability insurance for architects and engineers. We are both an insurance broker AND an insurance agent, so that we can offer professional liability insurance that fits the specific needs of architects and architectural firms, of all sizes.


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