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last updated 01/15/2015

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Term Life Insurance

Independent insurance salesperson who represents particular insurers but also might function as a broker by searching the entire insurance market to place an applicant's coverage to maximize protection and minimize cost. This person is licensed as an agent and a broker.

Interesting Fact : Part of the benefits of customers coming to us is the fact that we are considered a Broker-Agent ; we are able to both custom-tailor an insurance plan to best fit your needs as a Florida Design Professional, and then we can offer to provide that plan directly to you at the best possible rates!

Florida Design Insurance is an authorized agent of a variety of insurance plans specifically for Florida's engineering professionals. We are dedicated to supporting the health, life, dental, employee benefits and other insurance needs of Florida's engineering, architecture & design firms.

This  exclusive program makes it easier to offer affordable, high-quality benefit plans  to your employees. The program offers several additional benefits and services not available with a typical insurance policy.

Some of the Services We Offer Are:

  • Dedicated service representative (eliminating the need to ever call the 800   number on the back of your ID card)
  • Preferred retention/renewal strategy and approach
  • 24-hour Nurse Line access
  • Wellness representatives assigned specifically to member companies
  • Fully integrated consumer-driven health products
  • Easy-to-use cost and quality information for physicians and hospitals
  • Online self-service tools that enable employees to access their personal  health records, plan transactions and account information at any time.
  • Employee Benefits Websites Customizable benefit websites allow  employees to access important benefit information and resources at any  time such as benefit summaries, provider directories, handbooks, new hire  documents, and more.
  • HR Benefits Websites In addition to the important benefit information that  employees can access, a separate benefits website for the plan  administrator provides a variety of HR resources, forms, and tools.
  • Total Compensation Statements This online wizard produces customized  benefit statements for employee meetings and reviews, or used to  communicate incentives for new hires. They can be added as an additional  resource for all Employer Benefits Website.
  • HR Laws & Guidelines An online resource that provides access to state  and federal employment information. These will be added as an additional  resource for all Employer Benefits Website.
  • HR E-Books An online resource that provides access to an expanded  reference of common human resource forms, samples, and templates as  well as employment laws and guidelines.  These will be added as an  additional resource for all Employer Benefits Website.
  • And More!

FDI is an authorized agent of the only insurance program 
designed by Engineers for Engineers...

To request a quote and receive more information call us today at (813)-489-5780 or 
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